Sicily attracts travelers with its interesting history and renowned cuisine, but for some reason, the very special chocolate made on the island, in the city of Modica, influenced by the traditions of the ancient Aztecs , remained a secret that few visitors know.


When Sicily was under Spanish control in the 16th century, conciteurs went to Mexico and brought back cocoa and recipes for what the Aztecs called “xoco√†tl”, a form of paste that was laid on a circular stone, metate.

The original xocoatl was bitter and used it to strengthen sauces in meat dishes and salads, or eat it alone as a dietary supplement. Stir the chocolate paste with sugar at low temperatures so that the sugar does not get hot and melts.

This technique gives an unusual but enjoyable crisp texture. Then they incorporated various flavors that are common in Sicily, such as lime oil or pistachio.

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