Italy has beautiful cities in its mainland but even more magical islands at the Tyrrhenian Sea. Let us explore together the natural treasures of the Ventotene! Ventotene is a small island that lies in the Pontine archipelago. You should definitely visit it during your stay in Italy, as it is well-known for having magical landscapes and turquoise waters.

It is often characterized as a little paradise hidden from the eyes of the world. Here, the weather is usually exceptional. Grab your hat and apply your sunscreen in order to be ready to explore Ventotene! The first thing that you should do is to visit the port of the area. Being an ancient Roman port is often characterized as magical because it is carved in a rock acanthosis providing a breathtaking view.

Most of the dwellings in the village are colored yellow or pink having the typical Italian narrow streets. Wandering there, you could find little bars, cute shops and many market stalls. The local market of the island is well-known for having local products of high quality such as lentils and capers.



At the port, you will also have the chance to visit the white Lighthouse Tower, which helps the boats to anchor in the strait.This island is perfect, if you are a sea lover, as the waters have the perfect temperature. They are warm giving its swimmers the opportunity to practice easily any sea sports.

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