This particular pool, which is called Gloria meaning “success”, is considered the deepest pool in the world, as it also has the Guinness World Record sign.

If you are curious enough, read our article and learn the amazing details about the possibilities of the pool! Its depth is estimated to be 40 meters and according to the measurements, it is equivalent of 3 school buses put in a vertical row.

“Gloria” has a beautiful story; the architect, who designed this entire endeavor, is calledEmanueleBoaretto and wasa passionate scuba diver. He wanted to have the possibility to dive also in the winter period and that is why he designed thismagical and gigantic pool.

This beautiful place, which is ideal for relaxation, is situatedin the thermal area of Abano and MontegrottoTerme. There, the watersare thermal and lukewarm. The water has the perfect temperature – about 32 Celsius degrees, which means 89° F – and is ideal for all the type of swimmers. Therefore, it is the perfect solution for the scuba divers, who would like to train during winter. If you are one of them, do not forget to come here and have the chance to enjoy these beautiful waters and the possibility of scuba diving.

The pool is well-equipped. Therefore, there are three teams of engineers developing the pool, the platforms at different depths and thecaves. Coursesare also offered here. Attend the courses or the workshops provided, which have very considerable prices; basic individual lessons only with 75€ for a 90 minutes session. Grab this amazing opportunity and book your accommodation now!

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