This is one of the most scenic and amazing drives you could make.You can go from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon’s South Rim that passes by the Hoover Dam, there are countless things to see.

Overseas Highway: Miami to Key West

It’s about a 4-hour drive across countless amazing coral and limestone islets.If you get tired, you can stay in the Inn at Key West, on the quieter edges.

Pacific Coast Highway: San Francisco to Los Angeles

This is a 123-mile drive along the central California coast. Don’t miss to take a classic loaf of sourdough from Boudin Bakery and make a picnic along the way.

Mid-Coastal Maine: Portsmouth, NH to Camden, ME

This is an amazing drive full of picturesque, seaside villages to admire.Don’t forget to visit the Wentworth by the Sea in Portsmouth which is a Marriott resort located in a historic waterfront property.

Route 66: St. Louis, MO to Amarillo, TX

This isn’t just a road, it is more like history.Countless classic rock songs, stories, and poems were inspired by this road and it will provide you the ultimate American experience.

The Blue Ridge Parkway: The Great Smoky Mountains

The longest linear park, running 469 miles through 29 counties. In this drive you will have the chance to see the sun sets behind the picturesque  Blue Ridge Mountains.

Great River Road: Memphis to New Orleans

The Great River Road passes through ten states.Of course there are many of amazing restaurants, bars, and boutiques in downtown Vicksburg where you can relax and eat or drink something.

Oregon Coast

Starting from Washington to California Redwoods, this is an amazing experience to live. Don’t forget to visit one of the famous landmarks on Oregon coast.


Starting in Seattle, crossing over the border to Vancouver,…and then to the picturesque Anchorage, this drive is one of the most scenic and unforgettable experience that you’ll ever live.

Route 50: Ocean City, MD to Sacramento, CA

This road splits the country right in the middle and it passes through many states, such as West Virginia, Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, Missouri and many others.