Wilshire Grand Center, Los Angeles – 1,099 feet

The tenth tallest building in US is Wilshire Grand Center. It was completed on June 23, 2017. Apart from being the tallest building in California, the 73 floor building also holds the distinction of being the tallest building in west of the Mississippi.The building is used for different purposes, with uses ranging from a hotel, office space, stores, and an observation deck.

Comcast Technology Center, Philadelphia – 1,121 feet

Comcast, the 60-floor building is one of the newest towers in the United States. Its estimated completion date is set for 2018.The building’s floor space is intended for office spaces, as well as luxury hotel rooms, retail stores, and TV studios. With 1,121 feet, the Comcast Technology Center rise above Philadelphia’s skyline which is changing the architecture of the city.

John Hancock Center, Chicago – 1,127 feet

John Hancock Center is the 4th tallest building in Chicago and the 38th tallest building in the world. It was built initially in 1965, then go through with major renovations in the year 1995. The John Hancock Center has 100 floors and stands at 1,127 feet.

Aon Center, Chicago – 1,136 feet

The Aon Center is located in Chicago, stands at a height of 1,136 feet and consists of 83 floors. The Aon Center sketched out  collectively..by The Perkins and Will Partnership and Edward Durell Stone firms. The building  was previously known as the ‘Standard Oil Building,’ was completed in the year 1974.

Bank of America Tower, New York – 1,200 feet

The Bank of America Tower stands at 1,200 feet has approximately 154 floors. It was completed in the year 2009. The unique project cost over $1 billion total.It was designed by the popular COOKFOX Architects with the aim of becoming the world’s most ecologically friendly and efficient building.

Empire State Building, New York – 1,250 feet

The 2nd oldest tower in the world is “The Empire State Building”, which is iconic in its own right. It it the world’s first building that subsisted of more than 100 floors.

Trump International Hotel and Tower, Chicago – 1,389 feet

Trump International Hotel and Tower is also famous as ‘Trump Tower”. The tower, which is also a condominium-hotel, is located in downtown Chicago.The Trump International Hotel and Tower was primarily hazard a guess to be the taller and even heighten to the title of the world’s tallest – but alternative measures were taken after the World Trade Center Attacks.

432 Park Avenue, New York – 1,396 feet

In 2015, New York got a new and distinguished addition to its sprawling skyline, with the completion of a residential building at 432 Park Avenue.It is located on a prime block of New York property, between 56th Street and 57th street on Park Avenue. 432 Park Avenue is not only one of the world’s tallest residential buildings, but also one of its most superior.

Willis Tower, Chicago – 1,451 feet

The Willis Tower consists of almost 110 floors and an actual height of 1,451 feet. It was heretofore known as the Sears Tower, still, some people calling it by that name.

One World Trade Center, New York City – 1,776 feet

One World Trade Center is the first tallest building in the US, with an actual height of 1,776 feet. It is located in New York City, was completed in the year 2014. The building becomes the 6th tallest building in the world.This renowned and remarkable morphology consists of  104-story skeleton was famous as  World Trade Center’s North Tower, which was destroyed during the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.