American portion sizes are puzzling to foreigners

America is known for its large portions of food.Many visitors who enjoyed their meal in any restaurant of America said that the portions of the food were almost twice as big as in Europe.

The price on an item is different at the cash register

Foreigners can’t understand taxes, so they complain about how the price tag on an item alters once you get to the cash register.

They’re amazed by the amount of drive-thru establishments

Foreigners find odd the fact that Americans seem to drive absolutely everywhere. This is obvious by the parking lots of drive-thru establishments the US features.

They don’t understand the reason of so many lawyer ads

There are pervasive ads for lawyers in almost every corner of the US.It’s difficult not to notice them, as most of the time you can’t go anywhere without seeing at least one of them.

The ads for prescription drugs terrifies foreigners

Besides the numerous ads for lawyers, you can also witness many pharmaceutical ads. Listening to the horrifying lists of possible side-effects for drugs while you’re in vacation, just makes you realize how usual these kind of situations are.

There are a lot of squirrels in the US

Visitors are shocked by the amount of squirrels. Others referred to their bold behavior, as they’re considered curious animals who like to be near people.

The sheer size of the roads surprises tourists

The US is a vast area, so its size of roads and parking lots are built accordingly. Many foreigners, especially Europeans find this shocking, but not more than you cannot drive from New York City to the Grand Canyon in one day.

Their cars are just enormous

According to Crunchymush, a foreigner has rent a Ford Taurus, which by Australian standards would be a ‘family sedan,’ but it felt more like driving a go-kart.

Americans are friendly in a uncomfortable way

Foreigners seem confused by how open and friendly Americans are with complete strangers. Some found their extreme friendly behavior uncomfortable at times.But the truth is that Americans tend to be very kind and helpful at any chance.

The gap between toilet stalls’ doors is disturbing to visitors

You cannot realize how exposed American toilet stalls make users feel.Foreigners have reported that the gaps in between American stalls are too wide, making them think someone is watching them.