Learning a new language might be a hard thing. Give yourself a head start with these maps, which will guide your way to your new language.
Using information by the Foreign Service Institute, a US Department, Reddit user Fummy devised a ranking order of the easiest and most difficult languages to learn.Fummy then created a map of Europe and a worldwide map (with different colour-coding for each), and posted them on the social networking site.
Working from this, the Reddit map shows the approx. time needed for an English speaker to reach speaking and reading proficiency in any given language.
Based on the number of weeks & hours of study needed the ranking ranges from Category I (24 weeks/600 hours) to Category V (88 weeks/2,2000 hours).French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and Norwegian are among those classed as Category I, the easiest language to learn.

Finnish and Hungarian are classed as Category IV, and would take an average learner 44 weeks (1,100 class hours) to become moderately fluent in.