Gaiola is one of the many small islands in Napoli Bay, in the heart of Gaiola Underwater Park, a protected area of about 42 hectares. The island actually consists of two smaller but beautiful islands.

While on one of these there is a lonely villa, in the other there is nothing, it is totally uninhabited. A small and narrow bridge that looks like a bow connects the two islets, which are just a few meters apart from each other.

In the early 19th century, the island was inhabited by a hermit known as “The Magician”. A few years later the villa was built to date and belongs to a writer, Norman Douglas.

 The island may look like the ideal destination after retirement, but the locals believe it is cursed, a reputation that came from the inexplicably frequent deaths of its owners. Every single owner of the villa died after a little time and it does not seem at all accidental that today the villa is uninhabited and abandoned.

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