In 1998, under the bright lights of Hollywood, a beautiful, Greek-American girl and a handsome, charming, American guy met and fell in love…
Those two people, Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt, got married, said some lovely things about one another in public and then like many celebrity couples got divorced.They had subsequent relationships, but their once-perfect union remained tabloid fodder throughout. People couldn’t help but fantasize about an eventual reunion.
Now, the dedicated enthusiasts who have obsessed over the ex-couple for the past two decades find themselves at a curious junction: Both Jen & Brad are single again.
Like clockwork, these shippers came out of the woodwork this week to demand Aniston and Pitt reignite their flame. But why?What makes people feel so invested in the fate of these two once-wedded blonds? What do they think they’ll accomplish by tweet-begging for Brad to call Jen?