Rome awoke under a blanket of snow on Monday morning, with some areas of the capital covered in five centimetres of the white stuff.It’s the first snowfall in Rome in six years, and it looks stunning. Here are some pictures that capture the magic of snow-covered Italy.
For anyone not currently in Rome, you can watch live-streamed footage of the snow at the Vatican from their¬†webcams.Italy’s Civil Protection Agency announced that the Italian army would be brought in to help clear the streets of the capital, and many schools were closed across the city.
It was 0C on Monday, with a low of -6C forecast until Wednesday, although no more snow is expected to fall.¬†Air, road, and rail transport were all affected, with delays to flights at both the city’s airports, Fiumicino and Ciampino.
And authorities in the capital opened several train stations as emergency shelters…for the homeless population, and several existing shelters announced a temporary increase in the number of beds they could offer.