The Sacra di San Michele is consideredthe most famousabbey of the Piedmont region. It is a symbolic monument, which receives annually many tourists. The architectural techniques that have been used to construct this beautiful abbey are magnificent. Due to that fact, Sacra di San Michele is a highlight of the province of Turin.

Together with the Superga Basilica, this abbey is a jewel combining legend, mystery and macabre details. In order to know more about the Sacra di San Michele, we have to mention a few information about the history of the place.

The  thing, though, that is very interesting about the abbey’s construction is that it lies in perfect geographic alignment with three other monasteries of Saint Michael located in different countries;Skellig Michael (Ireland), Saint Michael’s Mount (Cornwall, England), Monastery of Saint Michael (Symi island, Greece). The location of the abbey is mystery that can be unlocked if we study carefully the details of constructions of other monasteries in the medieval ages. All the monasteries of Saint Michael in Europe are located on the same axis, one straight pilgrimage route, known as Via Sancti Michaelis.

Monasteries that belong to this route are also the Mont Saint-Michel in Normandy (France) and the Monte Sant’Angelo (Monte Gargano) in Puglia (Italy)

The Sacra di San Michele is located exactly at the midpoint of this pilgrimage route, which is 2000 kilometers long.

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