Good news for anyone who’ want to book a flight to Hawaii:You can score roundtrip flights there from 5 major cities for a little more than $300 right now.It’s an astonishingly good deal, even amidst a barrage of super-cheap flights to the far-flung state that have bubbled up lately.
At the time of publication, roundtrip flights from Newark, Washington DC, Denver, Houston, and Chicago to the likes of Honolulu, Kauai, Kona, and Maui throughout the rest of 2018 and early 2019 are available for as low as $361.To put that in perspective, that’s roughly $500 cheaper than it would be to fly there otherwise based on the average fare price.
The super-sale was first spotted by the savvy folks at Scott’s Cheap Flights, who only expect these bargain basement fares to stick around for about 24 hours, so if you want to get in on the action you’ll need to act fast.