If you want to see the bright boutiques then you have to head to Via Cola di Rienzo, where you will find all the great houses.For something more alternative, Via Cola di Rienzo is your destination, and there is the gourmet boutique Castroni serves some gourmet coffee varieties.If you love the multi-ethnic atmosphere then at Viale Giulio Cesare are dating the Romans who love the cuisines and cultures of the world.Go for a quick look at the Touring Club Bookstore at Viale Guillio Cesare for the unique and rare maps of the most strange areas of the planet that are easily converted into paintings for the walls of your home.
You can also wander through the streets of Prati looking up to enjoy the different kinds of architecture from different times.You will see buildings from the Gothic and Neo-Gothic, Rococo, Art Nouveau periods to industrial facades. Among its most impressive buildings are the Sacro Cuore del Suffragio.

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