Moscow has the Heaviest Snowfall in 100 Years


Winters in Moscow City in Russia are pretty harsh, but winter 2018 has been shaping up to be the harshest some Russians have ever seen.
City officials in Moscow have reported 45 centimeters of snow from Saturday to Monday — 20% more than the average snowfall for the city in one month.The massive accumulation is the heaviest snowfall the city has seen in 100 years. It’s also the most snowfall that has been seen since 1957.
Record snowfall in Moscow, Russia, has forced flights to cancel, thousands of customers to lose power and even has shut down area schools.
It’s the most snowfall the city has seen in a 24-hour period, since 1957.The city announced that children did not need to come to school considering the weather conditions, though schools would stay open.

Transportation services would only be made available in cases of “extreme need.” The city is struggling to clear the roads, plus there is the extra hazard of black ice. The airport is also experiencing several cancelled flights and delays.