These are arguably the number one most hilarious place names in each of the 50 states, but they are only the beginning of the lols!
While the absolute funniest and most awkward one is probably Booger Hole, Wisconsin, there are so many more big winners!In alphabetical order by state, here are some strong contenders for most hilarious American place names ever. You’re welcome.
Alabama: Boar Tush, Lick Skillet, Smuteye
Alaska: Clam Gulch, Coldfoot, Deadhorse
Arizona: Kaka, Nothing, So-Hi
Arkansas: Bald Knob, Blue Ball, Weiner
California: Bieber, East Yolo, Old Fig Garden
Colorado: Gunbarrel, Hygiene, Last Chance
Connecticut: Happyland, Moosup, Mystic
Delaware: Bacons, Flea Hill, Hoars Addition
Florida: Christmas, Leisure City, Yeehaw Junction
Georgia: Balls Ferry, Cash, EmpressHawaii: Cod Fish Village, Haiku, Volcano
Idaho: Dickshooter, Dingle, Slickpoo
Illinois: Big Foot Prairie, Chicken Bristle, Lick Creek
Indiana: Gnaw Bone, Pigeon, Santa Claus
Iowa: Balltown, Fertile, Hicks
Kansas: Dry Wood, Good Intent, Red Onion
Kentucky: Broad Bottom, Hippo, Knob Lick
Louisiana: Cow Island, Dry Prong, Waterproof
Maine: Bald Head, Owls Head, Shady Nook
Maryland: Accident, Crapo, Shady SideMassachusetts: Belchertown, Satans Kingdom, Teaticket
Michigan: Colon, Dick, Hell
Minnesota: Castle Danger, Good Thunder, Ham Lake
Mississippi: Chunky, Guntown, Hot Coffee
Missouri: Bragg City, Cooter, Knob Noster
Montana: Big Sag, Hungry Joe, Sourdough
Nebraska: Gross, Hazard, Wee Town
Nevada: Carp, Pine Nut, Weed Heights
New Hampshire: Dummer, Freedom, Tinkerville
New Jersey: Buttzville, Foul Rift, ScullvilleNew Mexico: Elephant Butte, Holy Ghost, Pie Town
New York: Butternuts, Handsome Eddy, Model City
North Carolina: Flea Hill, Lizard Lick, Whynot
North Dakota: Four Bears Village, Killdeer, Zap
Ohio: Ballville, Chagrin Falls, Pee Pee Township
Oklahoma: Dead Women Crossing, Greasy, Hooker
Oregon: Bridal Veil, Idiotville, Wankers Corner
Pennsylvania: Bird-in-Hand, Halfway House, Intercourse
Rhode Island: Little Compton, Moosup Valley, Woonsocket
South Carolina: Fingerville, Mayo, Sugar TitSouth Dakota: Bad Wound, Blunt, Rumpus Ridge
Tennessee: Bean Station, Boring, Sweet Lips
Texas: Ding Dong, Latex, Zipperlandville
Utah: Gunlock, Shivwits, Virgin
Vermont: Bread Loaf, Cozy Corner, Mosquitoville
Virginia: Bumpass, Dumfries, Tightsqueeze
Washington: Big Bottom, Cashup, Swede Heaven
West Virginia: Bald Knob, Hoohoo, War
Wisconsin: Cheat Lake, Imalone, Spread Eagle
Wyoming: Chugwater, McNutt, Miner’s Delight