The archipelago of La Maddalena, is a wonderful place of turquoise lagoons, deserted islands and some of the most gorgeous beaches in Sardinia.Since the 1960s, the Amalfi Coast has been on the tourist map following the nearby Capri, but in a more gentle way, preserving the character of the earthly paradise.
In La Maddalena archipelago, you will feel like you are in another world. It really doesn’t feel like the Mediterranean but like a more rugged version of the Caribbean.This scatter of seven large islands and 55 tiny isolotti has some of the most wonderful beaches in the entire Italy.

But it is only recently that these islands have begun to discover tourism, and in turn to be discovered by tourists.La Maddalena which is actually the main island, with 10,000 inhabitants, was insulated from the need to make much of a living out of visitors by the presence of a huge NATO naval base.