Why Italy ?

Excellent question. Italy has something for everyone. The country is not only about pizza and coffee, there is so much more. Exploring Italy by train is easier!It’s actually the best way to get around, because Italy has an extremely great train network with super modern high-speed trains that will take you easily and quickly from one city to another, spectacular panorama views included.

Get A Rail Pass

A rail pass is perfect if you want to visit several places in Italy (or even within Europe.) It allows unlimited rail travel and the option to take as many trains as you want on each travel day!The Italy Pass lets you travel comfortably to Italy’s popular cities, like Rome, Florence, Venice, Milan and many others, but also to lesser known regions and smaller towns. You just use one ticket for the whole trip and you have the flexibility to move on whenever you feel like. Sound good?.

Eurail or Interrail?

There are two kinds of passes: Interrail and Eurail passes. Both of them are valid on the Italian rail network. So what’s the difference? The Interrail pass is for European residents, the Eurail pass is valid only for non-European citizens.

How much is an Interrail / Eurail pass?

If you’re only visiting Italy, a One Country Pass will do.The price for the rail pass depends on many factors, such as the seat class and also your age. If you’re under 26, DO IT NOW, because the pass is a lot cheaper!

Train Schedules and Seat Reservations

To check the train schedules, go to Eurail Time Table or have a look at the Trenitalia website.You don’t need seat reservations for regional trains, however if you take high-speed or night trains, reservations are required. This can be easily done online.

Are you ready to travel Italy by train?

If you have some extra days to spend in Italy, please head further South and explore the beautiful beach towns around Amalfi and Cilento, it’s such a stunning region.