Giethoorn was nicknamed “the Venice of the Netherlands” for good reason. With over 170 small bridges connect the inhabitants of these small islands this place is like a picture of a fairy tail. During winter, those who love ice skating can give it a shot anywhere on the “streets.”In the winter, the only transportation are the “whisper boats,” that have noiseless engines.The entire village looks like a giant botanical garden and the only noise is caused by birds and plants swinging as the wind blows, so it is more than ideal for a relaxing break.The well-preserved nature adds a surreal appearance to this wonderful place and the houses built in this area resemble the Medieval architecture. The first inhabitants of this place appeared way back in 1230 and, ever since, the village was an amazing location for families.The locals used to dig holes all over the road to find peat deposits, since because of the rough weather, several small lakes begin to form where there used to be roads.Finally, the entire area became the way it is today. There are also 3 museums in the are that you can visit via the canals.

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