In a bid to be the first to revolutionise their military and civilian programs, Beijing hope to come out top having revealed their research into the hypersonic plane.
Concorde plane, which could cross the Atlantic in 3,5 hours, hasn’t flown since 2003.The plane which could operate at a maximum speed over twice as fast as the speed of sound was revolutionary but Chinese researchers have gone above and beyond.
If the plans are realised, the ultra-fast plane will be able to carry dozens of people and cargo, whether that’s tourists or military personal.
The plane would be able to travel at a speed 3,700mph – five times faster than the speed of sound. This means you could travel from Beijing to NewYork in just 2 hours.Referred to as the I-plane, the possible uses of such high-end technology make this plane a game changer for air travel. If travel times of this speed are possible, then that is cutting a journey time by 80%.