This new Ferrari is an evolution – hence the Evo in the name. The La Ferrari-based FXX-K originally introduced in 2014 has been improved upon!
So extreme, this Ferrari is not allowed on the road.This new car maintains the same La Ferrari underpinnings and drivetrain, including the 1035-hp, 664-lb-ft hybrid engine and seven-speed F1 dual-clutch transmission.
The Evo is also available as an upgrade to the standard FXX-K.
The FXX-K Evo is all about aerodynamics.Specifically, downforce is improved by a generous 23 percent over FXX K and an incredible 75 percent over the standard LaFerrari.

You get to drive it in strictly Ferrari-controlled environments – and never on the actual roads. As for the price… Ferrari’s hasn’t said yet, but the La Ferrari-derived FXX-K went for about $3 million.