If you visit Sicily, do not forget to pay a visit to the beautiful island of Favignana, which lies only a 20-minute ride away from the western part of Sicily. Favignana belongs to the group of islands named Egadi Islands and provides its travelers with breathtaking landscapes and exceptional beaches.
More specifically, these Torri can be found between Passo Falzaregoto & Cortina d’Ampezzo. The financial sectors, which are developed on the island, are mainly the fishery and the touristic ones.

Due to that fact, you will have the chance to see fishermen fixing their nets and selling the catch of the day. In summer there are many tourists, who use bicycles to discover all the secrets of the island. It is simply magical, as there are no so many cars facilitating your ride at the town center.

If you do not travel with your own car in order to have your bike with you, you can rent a bike in a very reasonable price. The rides, which are recommended by the locals, are around the north coast. There, you will find some amazing little coves and beaches, where you will have the possibility to gaze at the other two Egadi Islands; the smaller one namedLevanzo and the other one named Marretimo.

If you are a romantic type, you should not miss also visiting the cove “CalaRossa”. There, the sea has a glorious aquamarine colorand the sun is shining intensively. Do not forget to be equipped with your sunscreen with a high SPF!  The heat will maybe cause you dehydration but do not worry. There are plenty of beautiful restaurants and cafes, where you can enjoy something refreshing.