Sorrento is considered a glamorous travel destination being on the same list with the Amalfi Coast! Nowadays, the popularity of this town has been gradually increased. Due to that fact, there are many package-tour sets, which promises you the ideal summer vacations. There are many possibilities and many different types of accommodations;spectacular hotels, spacious accommodationwith terraces and complete apartments!

Here, it is the paradise for the food-lovers! There are many well-known restaurants for all the tastes. Take your wallet and explore all the different cuisines and specialties of the region. Wine is also the beverage that you should not miss! There are many local wines from vineyards located on the slopes of Vesuvius. Typical local wines are the white Fiano and red Lacrima Christi.

Rent a bike and explore the town by exercising. In that way, you will have the chance to see the real face of the town and have more contact with the locals, who are extremely kind especially with the tourists.

The town is equipped with all the kind of shops, restaurants and bars. Do not miss to visit the Sorrento’s Marina Grande, which is the smaller of the two marinas in the town. There, you will find freshly-caught fish, which are served grilled and dressed with a drizzle of oil.

According to the legend the Sorrentine peninsula was known because of the existence of the Sirens. These mythological creatures lived here and lured sailors to their deaths. Their trick was to enchant the poor sailors with their hypnotic song.

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