The total number of dead in the destructive fires in East Athens has risen to 50, as Red Cross rescuers discovered 26 burned bodies on Tuesday morning…Local government officials confirmed the Red Cross report that volunteers found the charred bodies of 26 people near a popular beach-side taverna.
The victims tried to reach the sea from nearby homes but they did not make it.Skai TV reports showed that the Mati main road has been obliterated with dozens burned cars lining the two sides, while buildings and constructions around the road are aslo destroyed.

At the time of writing, 156 people are hospitalized, with 10 of them in intensive care.

On Tuesday the blazes in Mati, Rafina, Kalamos and Voutzas in East Athens have been brought under control and Monday’s strong winds have stopped. However, firefighters are standing by in case the fires are rekindled.

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