A freezing wind from Siberia is expected to reach Italy for the first time in five years, bringing with it icy temperatures and fresh snow.
The buran, a powerful north-easterly from Central Asia, gets as far as Italy only every five to seven years, according to weather site¬†Il Meteo.It’s expected to reach Italy in the next week, for the first time since 2012.
Many areas could see snowfall, with the cold expected to set in around February 25th. Temperatures are expected to fall sharply and remain below the seasonal average until at least the first week of March.
Sub-zero temperatures are forecast in the north, even by day, and by night are expected to drop as low as -12 degrees Celsius in the Po Valley. Even further south, Rome is likely to see nighttime temperatures of -5.The Emilia Romagna region is expected to see heavy snow even before the weekend, while parts of the centre already had fresh snow on Thursday.

The cold snap follows¬†one of Italy’s warmest Januarys on record, with temperatures of more than 19 degrees in Rome and 24 degrees in Palermo.