Firstly, we should mention that Cinque Torri are a small mountain group. They are located in the Dolomites, which lies on a grassy hummock at approximately 2200 meters. More specifically, these Torri can be found between Passo Falzaregoto & Cortina d’Ampezzo. They are characterized by their exceptional beauty and photographic location, as there are numerous green landscapes to capture with your camera.The activities that someone can do here, are numerous; hiking, cycling & running are few of them. There are also several difficulty levels, if you are a fan of climbing.The Cinque Torri are perfect for excursions both in summer and in winter, as the mountain offers many possibilities.This mountain group consists of five tower-like mountains, which had also given the area its current name. The highest of them is the Torre Grande, which has three very appealing peaks; Cima Nord, Cima Sud and Cima Ovest.