The Venice of the East has the exact same townhouses looking over the completely manmade canals making it so convincing for the visitors that it really makes you think that you are actually in Venice enjoying the view of the canals.There are also gondoliers navigating gondolas under stone bridges, offering rides for paying customers. For additional effect there are even dressed in traditional costumes.
The Chinese architects had visited Venice and studied the ‘European-style’ architecture of the famous town, thus their replica-town is built on both sides according to it. Moreover, some of Italy’s most iconic landmarks are included, like the Doge’s Palace with its gorgeous Venetian Gothic style and the Saint Mark’s Basilica

It is a known fact that China is one of the most densely populated countries, with many of their smaller cities to encounter an undeniable car traffic problem. Thus, according to the developers, the replica was built to reduce the constantly increasing car traffic and air pollution.

However, the replicated Venice is not the1st Chinese architectural achievement, as there are many others popular monuments or entire cities found around China, like the monuments of Paris, the skyscrapers of New York, even a carbon-city of Thames Town. Nevertheless, there was one time that an argument was created between the residents of an Austrian village and Chinese.
The reason was that China, had made a copied version of the Alpine village of Hallstatt, which is in Upper Austria and is considered a heritage of UNESCO.The replica of Hallstatt had opened in the Chinese province of Guangdong, but Austrians claimed that they hadn’t been asked for any permission for the project. Eventually, the two sides agreed to settle their differences and work together for the benefit of both.