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Dangerous Cyclone Moves towards Greece

Medicane / tropical Storm in Mediterranean? Yes, a tropical like Cyclone (TLC) increasingly likely to develop in the Ionian Sea later this week!

Extreme weather phenomena Strikes the Greek Islands, Dramatic floods on Symi & Rhodes (video+pics)

Many Greek Islands was declared in 'state of emergency' after a heavy storm hit on Monday morning. Floods, landslides and no water supply...

Dog pretends to be Sick so his Dad will Stay Home

Sullivan wasn't sick-sick — he was just a little lovesick!

How to Visit Rome, Florence, and Venice Cities in Italy by High-Speed Train for...

Traveling by train is not only one of the best ways to get a picturesque view of a country, but it can sometimes be even faster than flying!

British tourists complain to the mayor of Venice in Italy after being charged €526...

Tourists has written a letter of complaint to Venice’s mayor after they were charged €526 for lunch in a restaurant near St Mark’s Square!

The Aerodynamic Ferrari FXX-K Evo

This new Ferrari is an evolution – hence the Evo in the name. The La Ferrari-based FXX-K originally introduced in 2014 has been improved upon!

Top 10 Italian Cheeses you must Try

Our favorite Italian cheeses (parmigiano reggiano, asiago, buffalo mozzarella, gorgonzola, and more) and where to try these great cheeses of Italy!

Venice will restrict Large Cruise Ships access to protect its historic buildings

What do you think of the plan to limit Cruise Ship access?

British couple whose simulated Sex photo led to all weddings ban at famous Chapel...

The couple could now face legal actions from other brides and grooms amid fears of a ban on all foreign marriages on the Greek Island of Rhodes!

British Couple who ‘performed Sex act’ in wedding photo at Chapel in Rhodes Greek...

Matthew and Carly from Birmingham, got married in Rhodes and wanted to pose for a 'unique' picture that reflected their cheeky sense of humour!

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