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Top 10 Most Violent Cities in the USA

Forbes has released it’s annual “Most Dangerous Cities in the United States” list and we have all the information on which cities made the list this year.

Top 5 Authentic Italian Pasta Dishes

Pasta is the national food of the Italians. Let us explore together the different pasta dishes. Grab your pencils and start writing down delicious recipes!

Rome in the Snow: See the Ancient Italian City Transform Into a Winter Wonderland

A rare snowstorm hit Rome over the weekend, covering the Colosseum, St. Peter's, and the Spanish steps in a magical blanket of white...

Top 8 Reasons to Live in Italy for Ever

If you decide to move to a new country, there are some amazing placesto choose. One of these is Italy as there are many benefits to living here.

Top 7 Amazing Medieval Towns in Italy

Italy is undoubtedly a magical place. Its towns that date back in the Middle Ages give a fairy-tale impression. Let's discover some of them!

Top 10 Italian Phrases you Need to Know

If you are going to visit Italy, you should probably know a few words that will help you communicate. Read our list and find out more!

George Clooney Talks About His Love for Amal, And It’s Devastatingly Romantic (Video)

The actor described his love for his wife on David Letterman’s Netflix show.

10 Famous Shopping Streets in Italy

Many travel destination are currently investing in upgrading their shopping centers. Let us see together few of the most popular shopping streets in Italy!

Watch Italian Astronauts Make Pizza in Space

We hope their space Pizza is literally out of this World.

Italian Village is Selling its historic Homes for $1 (Video)

Ollolai village, located in the region of Barbagia on Sardinia (Southern Italy). The village has 200 stone houses that need new owners.

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