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Top 12 Best Places to Travel in 2018

From Greek Islands to Bahamas and Venice in Italy: These 12 editor-endorsed destinations are the best places to travel around the World this year!

Top 10 Most Beautiful Flags in the World

Each country has its own flag, with which one of them representing an important symbol of their country. Here are the most beautiful in the world.

Map of Florence with major Places + Sights

A detailed Map of Florence showing main places, streets, areas, roads, landmarks and sights. Find out where is Florence and get great travel ideas!

Winter Snow makes NEW YORK in the USA to look ablolutely Magical (10 pics)

The weather may be dreary, but New York is anything but dull during the colder months. Here some wonderful photos of winter in New York City!

Top 10 Islands you’ve Probably Never Heard Of

Escape the crowds of tourists on these 10 idyllic Islands around the World, the locals love (and you probably never heard of).— by Wibke Carter!

You can Visit Italy for Free, thanks to Alitalia

With the mazing airline's new stopover program, you can now make a pitstop in Rome City, the beautiful Italian capital, at no additional cost.

Terrifying Video shows Airplane engine falling apart during Flight from USA to Hawaii

One of the plane passenger said that this was the "scariest flight of my life."

George Clooney Talks About His Love for Amal, And It’s Devastatingly Romantic (Video)

The actor described his love for his wife on David Letterman’s Netflix show.

Top 10 Most Amazing Bridges in the World

Sometimes Bridges define the character of a city. Just imagine Paris without its famous Eiffel Tower. Check our list with most beautifful bridges worldwide!

Map Shows Europe’s most famous Artworks

A thing of real dazzling beauty, the graphic features some of the most iconic, famous and well known paintings for each European country!

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