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This is the Map of the new Superhighway that will Take you from USA...

A Road Stretching To More Than 80% of The World – Russia Proposes a Superhighway That Will Take You From Europe to USA and America!

Map Shows You When You’re Going To Die

If you could find out when you were going to die, would you? Or would you rather it was a surprise? This map shows you everything you need to know!

World Map Shows What Every Country is Best at

From Argentina’s horse meat to Papua New Guinea’s diversity; this amazing map of the World pinpoints every nation to be the best at something!

14 Beautiful Italian Names and Their Meanings

Names have meaning. Most names tell two stories: the first is the meaning behind the name, and the second is the meaning behind the choice!

How to Buy an Old House in Italy for just 1€

Houses for sale in Abruzzo National Park, Italy, at 1 euro: for anybody dreaming of owning a house in Italy, this almost sounds too good to be true!

Top 10 Must-Do experiences in the USA

If you're thinking about travelling to the USA and all you can do there, discover the top 10 olbigatory experiences that you must-do. Read on!

Top 5 Beautiful Towns in Puglia, Italy

Puglia is located on the heel of Italy’s boot and it is considered to be a beautiful region with beautiful, unique towns. Let's check these places!

Watch Italian Astronauts Make Pizza in Space

We hope their space Pizza is literally out of this World.

14 Stunning Medieval Mountain Villages in Italy

A World above the chic cities and magnificent beaches, the magic of beautiful Italy is found more in its mountaintops than its monuments.

Top 10 Europe Countries with Highest Population

Do you know which is the most populated country in Europe? here is the list of top European Countries by Highest Population as per latest figures!

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