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12 Amazing Facts about Sophia Loren

Despite her fame, there are many facts you may not know about this Italian actress. Here are 12 interesting facts about Sophia Loren.

Venice will restrict Large Cruise Ships access to protect its historic buildings

What do you think of the plan to limit Cruise Ship access?

Top 10 Most Colourful Cities in Europe

With its mighty capitals, vibrant coastal towns so charming that need to be seen to be believed, Europe is colorful in every possible sense of the World...

Top 10 Most Amazing Airports in the USA

One of the most important things when you are constantly traveling is the airport. Read our list and find ten of the best airports in the USA!

Why Do you Love the USA?

USA is World's most favourite country. But why? Here are 10 perfect reasons why we do and why living in USA is always such a great pleasure!

How to Travel Italy by Train – First Timer Guide

Visiting the best of Italy with only one rail pass! Getting around in Italy by train is a comfortable and fun way to travel across, from Milano to Venice & Rome...

So, Your Obsession With Jennifer Aniston And Brad Pitt Is Back? Let Experts Explain...

In 1998, under the bright lights of Hollywood, a beautiful, Greek-American girl and a handsome, charming, American guy met and fell in love...

Top 10 Biggest Planes in the World

Human's always wanted to fly as high as possible. Here are the 10 biggest airplanes in the World based on the number of seats in their configuration.

Top 10 Best Secret Beaches in the USA

We hunted down the quietest, most pristine and untouched slices of paradise. Here are our nine favorite hidden beaches in the United States!

Map Shows Traffic Conditions in major USA Cities

Google Maps added a new USA traffic information feature that will benefit drivers: Google will predict traffic conditions based on local reports.

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