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The 5 Most magical little Towns in Italy

Some travelers are not interested about Italy's history. It is very important, though. Learn a few information and discover 5 historical Italian towns.

5 Most Beautiful Christmas Trees in the World

Here are the five most spectacular and beautiful Christmas trees in the world.

5 Best Known Scams to Avoid in Bali

Bali is a great place to spend your holidays but before you go you should know some useful tips in order to avoid scams...

5 Best Bali Night Markets

One of the best thing in Bali is a walk throught the traditional markets available all day long. Here are the best markets you can visit at night!

Top 5 Reasons To Visit To Bali

Bali, is a majestic small island in the middle of Indonesia. Here are the top 5 reasons you should visit at least once this amazing travel destination !

Top 5 Most Amazing Jungle Pools in Ubud

These are the dreamiest infinity pools found in the lovely area of Ubud! Are you ready to dive?

The 5 Most colorful Places in Italy

The most colorful places in Italy will certainly be a treat for your eyes...

The 5 best Restaurants to eat in all Italy

In many small towns you can find restaurants that breathe a homely atmosphere and serve food that leaves the sweet taste of a family.

Top 5 Romantic Rooftops in Rome

Having a delicious meal with the stunning view of Colosseum while enjoying a glass of wine is the ultimate romantic scenery.

5 Italian Towns Perfect for Chocolate Lovers

Italy is very famous for its chocolate, as it has a long tradition in chocolate making. There are many festivals celebrating the wonders of chocolate.

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