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The Settlement of 1318 Where Obama Stayed in the Magnificent Tuscany

After Necker's private island of Richard Branson and the tropical sanctuary that once belonged to Marlon Brandon, the couple Obama traveled to Italy.

The 10 Oldest Cities Of The World

These 10 major cities have withstood the test of time and are considered the oldest cities in the world, as they have been continuously inhabited until today.

Cinque Torri is the perfect Adventure in Italy

Do you love the adventures? Are you the type of person, who cannot stay still for a minute? We have found the perfect travel destination for you; Cinque Torri!

10 Best Beaches in Thailand

Thailand is world-widely famous for its beautiful tropical islands and clear turquoise waters. But the typical characteristic of this travel destination is the white-sandy beaches. Let us explore them!

The 12 Best Hotel Pool Bars In The World

These 12 magnificent properties boast every kind of amenity you could think of, including the most excellent swim-up bars in the world.

Ventotene, The Italian Paradise Of The Pontine Islands

Italy has beautiful cities in its mainland but even more magical islands at the Tyrrhenian Sea. Let us explore together the natural treasures of the Ventotene!

The beautiful region of Cilento in Italy

What if paradise exists? ! If that fact is true, the Garden of Eden could be found in the Italian region called Cilento. Let us discover it together!

Top 10 Museums in Italy

Italy has a rich historic heritage and in every single corner you can find a museum to visit.

10 Good Reasons to Visit USA

What can you say for the place where every dream can become true? If you don't already have a motivation, here some good reasons to visit USA.

The Most Amazing Caves In Italy

Experience The Beauty Of Nature In The Unique Italian caves ! Check our photo tour now...

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