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Top 10 Most Dangerous Seas in the World

There are bodies of waters around our planet that can be deadly for travelers. These 10 waters are regarded as the most hazardous in the world.

Top 10 Weird European Foods

Here is a list of the most popular but also strange delicacies European are used to eat.

The Top 10 Strangest Beaches In The World

Here is a list of the most extraordinary beaches with each one of them boasting its own unique story.

Top 10 Black Sand Beaches in the World

Some beaches around the world feature unique qualities, such as black sands instead of white. These are the most amazing black beaches in the World.

Top 10 Valentine’s Day Traditions in the World

From secret Valentine's guessing games to offering a cupcake that resembles an actual human heart, these are the most bizarre V-Day traditions in the world.

Top 12 Most Unusual Towns in the World

Our planet is filled with extraordinary places, and these unusual towns are just a part of them. So, here are the 12 most extraordinary towns around the globe.

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