The couple could now face legal actions from other brides and grooms amid fears of a ban on all foreign marriages on the Greek Island of Rhodes!Picture went viral but Rhodes’ top bishop has now banned foreign weddings.Matthew and Carly Lunn’s photo, which appeared to show them performing a sex act at St Paul’s Chapel, went viral and led Bishop Kyrillos of Rhodes to ban foreigners from getting married at the picturesque Chapel. Now Daniel Gaynor, 32, and his partner Mandy Jackson, 30, from Rotherham, are considering legal action against the couple.
“Me and my fiancee are affected by these two low lives,” he told. “We have been planning our wedding for two-and-a-half years.”Gemma Hunter, 37, of Bradford, fears her special day with fiance Matthew Hewitt, 38, which has been booked at St Paul’s Chapel in Rhodes for August 2018, may have been scuppered by the “obscene” actions of another couple. It has been reported that the mayor of Rhodes is due to make a final decision within the next weeks.