The former barren line of southern Italy was transformed in the early 20th century into a favorite unexplored piece of land for artists and alternative travelers.Since the 1960s, the Amalfi Coast has been on the tourist map following the nearby Capri, but in a more gentle way, preserving the character of the earthly paradise.The route from Positano beach to the top of a stunning cliff Ravello is about five kilometers away.The road towers on the sides of the mountain, drifts into dark, roughly carved tunnels, turns steeply into the capes.Amalfi is stunned between the mountains and the sea, the 11th century……as a great naval force competed in the harbors of Venice and Genoa, and in the 1920s and 30s it was the favorite resort of the British aristocracy. Today it is still popular for its picturesque beauty and authentic architecture.