Marjory Stoneman Douglas School students experienced the ultimate tremor last night in Florida when a former student invaded classes on the third floor of the building and started shooting indiscriminately.Children fallen down, broken glass, scattered bags, and blood stains on the floor composed the scenery of terror a few minutes after the invasion of the 19-year-old Nicholas Cruz, who scattered the death within the school.
Tragic account of the incident is 17 dead and at least 50 injured.Twelve people were killed in the school, two in front of it, one on the street, while two injured succumbed to their wounds in the hospital.
Such incidents in the United States are quite common. It is characteristic that this year 18 armed attacks have been committed to schools across the United States.
19-year-old Cruz claims to have been known to the authorities.He was expelled from school because of misconduct, and he has been doing “particularly worrying internet posts” lately, according to the police. The killer was arrested after the carnage without showing any resistance.