This fabulous Sicilian valley is not so widely known to foreign tourists. However, the locals say that it is an earthly paradise! There, there is a valley, which is crossed by the namesake river Alcantara. The landscape is magical, as the green details of the valley are fading into the blue waters of the river.

The river flows along the Sicilian Apennine, which is consisted by mountains; Mount Etna, Nebrodi and Peloritani mounts. Apart from the beautiful river, a gorge is also formed in that area. As the river flows amid these mountain chains and a lava stonewall. Due to that phenomenon, a gorge is shaped by the lava of the Mount Etna.

The landscape, which this beautiful place provides to its visitors, is simply breathtaking. The gorge is over 52 kilometers long giving the chance to the brave ones to do extreme sport activities here.


Hiking is also possible for those that love the nature but they are not so adventurous. If you do not have problems with cold waters, swim into the river’s waters and have a total new experience. To do all these cool stuff, you will have to rent a car and drive to the Alcantara Gorges, which are easily accessible from Taormina.

The attractions that you should not miss out during your visit here are the following:

  • Le gurne dell’Alcantara, which is a trail starting from Francavilla di Sicilia.
  • The small Alcantara Gorge, which is a trail starting from the bridge of Saint Nicola.
  • Mio volcano, which is a trail starting from the small volcano of the area.
  • The Calatabiano castle, which is one the most beautiful trails of the valley.



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