There is a lovely town called Bordano. This town is located in the region of Udine, where you can make your dreams true! Here, you will have the chance to participate in a butterfly safari and capture a beautiful butterfly with your camera! (if you are lucky enough!)

This safari takes place in an annual basis and has many participants, mainly form other countries than Italy. It is a fascinating activity that gives you the chance to bond with the Mother Nature. Here, the landscape is simply magical, as the town is lacated in the foothills of the Carnian Alps in the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region.
The town’s attraction is of course its famous butterflies, which love this microclimate of nearby Mountain San Simeone.   Apart from the spectacular show of the butterflies, you will have the chance to widen your knowledge about these beautiful creatures.
In the area of Lake Cavazzo and the valle del Tagliamento, 650 native species of butterflies can be found according to the data of many scientists. Scholars from many universities all over the globe want to staufy this phenomenon and come to Bordano in order to learn more about it. Die to this rich entomological fauna, a safari has been created. During to the safari, which is organized by the Casa delle Farfalle, visitors can see the insects flying over the paths on the slopes of Mountain San Simeone.



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