You Can’t Walk Everywhere

All the hotels are much farther apart than they first appear. Technically, the entire Strip is over four miles long, and it will take you at least a 15-30 minute get to a different hotel than your own. Before the weekend is over, you will end up taking a few cabs.

Feel Free to Drink Outside

Are you headed to another club or restaurant, but you’re not quite finished with your drink? Ask for a to-go cup!Seriously — even classy establishments will let you take your drink outside as long as you use a disposable cup instead of their fancy glassware.

Bring Cash — ATMs Are Crazy Expensive

Unless you can find your own bank ATM, the standard fee at most Vegas ATMs is a staggering $5.99 — a charge that may not bother the high rollers, but gets really old, really fast for the rest of us.

You Can Get Free Drinks By Gambling

There are a few things Vegas casinos do to keep you gambling(no clocks, no windows, plenty of lights and sounds), but the trick that works the best is plying customers with free drinks to keep them playing, and playing poorly.

There’s Art All Around

There are sculptures by famous artists behind the check-in desks, in the hotel lobbies, on the street, not to mention the fact that certain hotels like..the Bellagio and The Cosmopolitan have their own galleries that display touring collections from around the world.

Everyone Smokes, Everywhere

It’s permissible for people to smoke inside casinos. To try and counteract that, the casinos will attempt to cover up the smell with what they call “signature scents.”.

The Food Is Incredible

Every Vegas hotel restaurant on the strip was phenomenal. No one thinks of Vegas as a foodie city, but from sports bars to 3-star Michelin establishments, Vegas delivers.

Men Must Buy Tickets (Or Bottles) To Get Into A Club

Vegas may be bachelor-party central, but no group of guys is going to get into a club without buying tickets, bottle service, or a table.

Downtown Las Vegas Is Far Away (But Worth Checking Out)

It’s worth seeing at least once, even though it is a $30 cab drive away.