A man draped in an Italian flag has shot at least six dark-skinned foreigners in a drive-by rampage in Macerata town in central Italy.
A 28-year-old local with links to the populist Northern League —..fired his first shots around the Via dei Velini area and then proceeded to drive his black Alfa Romeo 147 car¬†around the city centre, targeting immigrants.
All of the victims have been hospitalised, although only one appears to have been seriously injured, with a shot hitting her in the abdomen.
The paper claims that the shooting began at 11.00am local time and continued for about two hours until the man was seized by police, having abandoning his car.After leaving the car, the man mounted the monument and performed a fascist ‘Roman’ salute.¬†The police have released a picture of the shaven-headed man, draped in an Italian flag, as he was taken away.