NEW YORK – Five people reported to have been killed after a Helicopter tour carrying six people crashed into the New York City’s East River on Sunday.The aircraft, identified by FAA officials as a Eurocopter AS350, crashed into the East River near Roosevelt Island at 7 p.m. on Sunday, inverting into the water.
In audio of the incident obtained by, the pilot of the aircraft can be heard requesting to issue a mayday from the LaGuardia Air Traffic Control....due to an engine failure moments before the helicopter went down into the New York’s East River, just north of Roosevelt Island.
The helicopter landed and flipped over in the water. The pilot was able to escape after the crash. The 5 passengers, who were strapped in, were trapped inside.
Footage posted of the crash on social media shows the red helicopter barreling into the water around sunset.Two of the passengers were pronounced dead on the scene while three were taken to local area hospitals in critical condition but did not survive, FDNY officials said.