Sleep in a Natural Park

If you’re thinking about travelling to the USA and all you can do there, discover the top 10 olbigatory experiences that you must-do. Read on!The American landscape offers a large number of natural wonders such as the imposing Grand Canyon of Colorado and many national parks such as Yellow Stone, Grizzly Bears or Yosemite Park.

Got lost in the Streets of New York

The city of New York is everything that you expect… and more!Its vibrant feeling make the “city that never sleeps” a must-visit in USA. Everything you’re looking for can be found here: art, museums, fashion, music, shops, etc…

Go on a Road Trip on Route 66

Driving through the United States is another must-do experience. You’ll enjoy breathtaking views and find mythical cafes/restaurants/motels in the middle of nowhere that will teleport you into a classic film.

What happens in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas

The “City of Sin” is worth a visit because it is a very unique place in the world.You can easily feel the glamour by staying in one of its impressive Casino hotels like the Venetian which has a replica of St. Mark’s Square inside and even canals with gondolas!.

Cross the Golden Gate Bridge

San Francisco is a city that is easy to fall in love. It’s a bit different from other typical American cities. Visiting China Town, the famous cable cars or going to Lombard Street are just some of the essential experiences that can’t be missed.

(Try to) Finish a Food Challenge

It’s common sense that Americans are the kings of street food. In this country you’re able to find several Guinness Records, such as: world’s largest hot dog, most layers (60!) in a sandwich or the largest ice cream scoop…

Cuddle with the stars in Hollywood

The Walk of Fame, the Dolby Theatre (previously known as Kodak Theatre), the palm trees and the classic Hollywood sign that watches the city from above are just some of the elements that make it worth visiting Hollywood.

Go to a theme park and be a kid again

In the United States of America everything is big, and its theme parks aren’t an exception. The Disney factory has 4 theme parks and 2 waterparks.

Go to a live sports event

Popcorns, hot dogs, nachos with cheese, plenty of screams and excitement. Where are we? In any sports event in the USA of course! There’s a lot to choose from: basketball, baseball, ice hockey, american football…

Visit the White House

A visit to the capital couldn’t be excluded from this list. The White House in Washington is an icon that has been the protagonist and has witnessed many key episodes of the American history.