Scottsdale, Arizona

This desert city simply won’t disappoint you as it offers lot of couple activities.Enjoy a hot air balloon ride over a desert landscape characterized by cacti, or admire the stunning artworks of the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art.

Portland, Oregon

If your sweetheart is an art enthusiast, Portland has some of the most stunning galleries and boulevards to provide.Combined with the absolutely spectacular views and the exquisite local cuisine, Portland is ideal for all romantic hearts.

Charlotte, North Carolina

As the most populous city in North Carolina, Charlotte features some quite exciting attractions and also fascinating nightlife.

Austin, Texas

Austin offers numerous romantic activities, such as picnic on Mount Bonnell and a swan pedal boat ride on Lady Bird Lake.You could enjoy a tour or the outstanding views when the sun goes down.

Charleston, South Carolina

This city features its famous horse-drawn carriages through the town and historic buildings in every corner.It is no surprise why Charleston has made this list of the most romantic cities in the US, as it has it all in one, from beaches to excellent restaurants and shops.

Savannah, Georgia

Savannah is one of the most romantic cities in USA for a good reason. The city features stunning architecture, picturesque squares and an excellent dining scene.

Memphis, Tennessee

The romantic carriage tours of Memphis along the Missisippi river is only one the many activities which couples can indulge in in this city.Visit the Memphis Brook Museum for a private romantic celebration, or head to music museums, such as Rock n Soul or the Stax Museum.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

One of the most populous cities of the US, Philadelphia offers many interesting activities for couples. Valley Forge National  Park features plenty of scenic trails,..and picnic spots, while the manicured gardens and huge fountain at Longwood provide another romantic setting.

San Diego, California

Widely known for its warm weather and its alluring beaches, the coastal city of California is an ideal place to enjoy your romance.

Miami Beach, Florida

Miami provides a wide range of vibrant nightlife options.Enjoy endless nights in one of the many South Beach nightclubs or take salsa lessons and show off your moves in a Cuban club.