Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport (MSP)

MSP airport is the perfect choice if you are a shopaholic. There is a wide variety of shopping stores and dining options.The number of the stores will amaze you, as there are no fewer than 50 stores. There you can find brand-name clothing and shoes.

Austin-Bergstrom Airport (AUS)

Usually the travelers do not have that much time to visit the city, where they land. If that is the case, while you are at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport,..this fact would not be a problem. This airport is a great microcosm of the city and will give you the chance to explore all the must-sees of Austin.

Pittsburgh Airport (PIT)

PIT was one of the first airports in the USA to adopt “street pricing”. That means that the products sold at the airport have the same prices as elsewhere in the visited city.

Long Beach Airport (LGB)

Long Beach Airport is considered to be a classic 1940s-era terminal in Long Beach located in California. Its glory and glamorous looks remind the travelers that it is always a pleasure to travel with the plane.

Palm Beach Airport (PBI)

Palm Beach International Airport is a very popular airport and that is why the number of the annual arrivals is so high.That happened due to the rapid growth of the city of Miami and Ft. Lauderdale. This airport is still the easiest way to navigate in the region.

Savannah/Hilton Airport (SAV)

SAV is not considered to be in the list of the busy airports. The numbers of the fliers in an annual basis is estimated to a million fliers. Despite its small size, it is known to one of the “happiest” airports in the country.

Dallas Love Field Airport (DAL)

Dallas Love Field Airport is located only six miles from the city center.This gives the travelers the chance to visit the city .Furthermore, this airport is especially known for accommodating a rash of new flights and new airlines like Virgin America.

Tampa Airport (TPA)

Tampa International Airport was designed according to all the modern standards and that is why it is until nowadays characterized by timelessness.The shuttles taking people from the central terminal to the satellites designed 50 years ago were unique, while they are well functional until nowadays.

Portland Airport (PDX)

Portland International Airport is considered to be very well connected to the city. The connections provided are not only ideal for cars but also for bikes.

Indianapolis Airport (IND)

Indianapolis Airport is an eight-year old terminal having a Midwestern air and a wonderful and airy circular Civic Plaza. At this particular airport the security checkpoints were designed to help people breeze through TSA procedures.