Besides its history and beaches, Milos is a genuine surprise for adventurer seekers.It boasts outstanding sunset views, exquisite cuisine, picturesque villages and the friendliest people you’ve ever met.


The largest island in Greece holds the fifth place on the list of biggest islands in the Mediterranean Sea.Crete offers a great variety of activities, featuring numerous gorgeous sandy, long beaches, magnificent mountains, and unique delicious food.


Boasting some of the most magnificent remains of Venetian fortresses and Greek temples, as well as Byzantine churches, Corfu is an Ionian Sea gem.


Featuring stunning lush valleys and gorgeous beaches, vibrant nightlife and plenty of shops, Icaria is a delightful place.This island is considered a jewel for its unique sites, like the archaeological museum Ag Kirikos, the monastery Evaggelistrias, as well as the ancient ruins in Nas.


Providing a pleasant experience for all tourists, Mykonos is one of the most glamorous Greek islands and with a good reason.


Although Chios is less famous compared to other Greek islands, it’s a truly magical island. Its amazing traditional and cultural features include the famous miraculous mastic, which is used in paints, medicine or even food…


Despite its small size, this gorgeous island boasts a cosmopolitan style with its ports filled with numerous yachts during the summer.


Featuring some of the best and crystalline beaches in the Aegean, the small island of Skiathos is a pleasure to all visitors.


The picturesque island of Hydra is the jewel of the Saronic Gulf and is considered an eco-friendly place as it’s a car-free destination.


With its exquisite local wine boasting a massive historic background, the northeastern Aegean island of Samos is a special Island.