Italy 385 VOTES

Italy is gorgeous and home to some of the most world-known beaches in the world.It attracts countless visitors, who visit its magnificent turquoise waters for relaxation and not only. It’s also preferred as a favorite destination for honeymooners!

Collectivity of Saint Martin 454 VOTES

Saint Martin is an island in Caribbean Sea, and features amazing beaches. It’s preferred as one of the best cruise as well as honeymoon destinations.

Mauritius 470 VOTES

The small, multi-cultural island in the Indian Ocean is home of some of the most stunning beaches. It’s also one of the best honeymoon destinations in the world.

Fiji 509 VOTES

Blessed with 333 tropical islands in the heart of the South Pacific,Fiji is the ideal holiday destination. It features some of the most breathtaking blue-water beaches, and attracts numerous visitors from around the globe.

Maldives 540 VOTES

The exotic nature scenery of Maldives attracts thousands of tourists every year. Boasting turquoise lagoons are crystal clear warm waters is considered one of the most gorgeous and popular islands in the world.

French Polynesia 541 VOTES

Spread over a vast area about the size of Europe, French Polynesia is a true paradise. It features astonishing nature scenery and amazing beaches, widely scattered as it consists of 118 islands and atolls.

Australia 548 VOTES

Australia is one of the most beautiful countries featuring the most contrasts you could ever witness in a country.Its beaches are enormous, crystal-clear and just perfect. Australia is also considered one of the top countries with the best quality of life.

Mexico 554 VOTES

Mexico is considered one of the most famous destinations for tourists, and one of the most favorite honeymoon destinations.It features gorgeous extensive coastlines with magnificent beaches, drawing numerous visitors every year.

Philippines 893 VOTES

Philippines has climbed on the second position of this voting, featuring some of the most popular and amazing beaches around the world.

Greece 1.167 VOTES

Greece ranked first among the countries with the best beaches in the world.Boasting breathtaking blue waters and amazing nature, attracting millions of tourists every year, so there’s no surprise.