Porto Katsiki – Greece

One of the most beautiful beaches of Greece is popular exactly for this reason.Because its waters are the clearest in the country and possibly in the whole Europe.

Algarve – Portugal

This gorgeous hidden beach of Portugal has some of the clearest waters in the world and is a favorite spot for those who enjoy swimming in peace and quiet.

Sabah – Malaysia

Many islands in Malaysia have great beaches with clear waters but Sabah is the best. It can be found near the island of Borneo.


Mauritius is called the luxurious island due to how perfect it is for a relaxing holiday by the sea. White sand and crystal clear waters are part of the package.

Bodrum – Turkey

Bodrum is one of those location that are very popular among travelers but not everyone that visits it knows how clear its waters are.The turquoise will mesmerize you.

Cala Macarelleta – Menorca

This gorgeous island is not easy to reach and perhaps that’s why its beaches have remained so pristine up to this day.

Maldives Islands

Maldives are truly pinnacle of luxury vacation with their sea bungalows allowing you to dive into its crystal clear waters at any time.

To Sua Ocean Trench – Samoa

While not technically a beach, it does have amazingly clear waters. To Sua Ocean Trench is a natural pool and a perfect place for diving!

Wakatobi – Indonesia

One of the best diving spots in Indonesia, Wakatobi is rich in underwater wildlife thanks to its insanely clear waters. Its resorts are also first class.

Linapacan Island – Philippines

The beach with the clearest waters in the world belong to Linapacan Island which is not easy to reach. However, those who make the journey are never disappointed with its perfect clear sapphire waters.