Your dream European vacation home awaits — but you’ll have to act fast.The Italian village of Ollolai has 200 stone houses that are up for sale for only €1(about $1.20 USD), but you only have two days left to apply.
The homes, which are part of the Italian project called “Case a 1 euro,”(which includes properties across Sicily, Tuscany and Abruzzo), are so cheap because they’re all in need of some serious renovations.
According to CNN, whoever wins a dollar house must commit to refurbishing it within three years, which is likely to cost at leaset $25,000.
Even dollar menus have tax included, and this is a pretty hefty tax.According to The Independent, the last day to apply for a dollar home is February 7, mainly because the number of applications has been overwhelming.

To refurbishing your new, “dollar” home, you must also commit to being a permanent resident, rent a house in the town and earn more than €7,500 per year.