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10 Most Beautiful white Beaches in Europe

Myrtos beach, Kefanonia, Greece Myrtos is one of the most famous beaches in Kefalonia.It is ocated 30km north of Argostoli. The beach has been reguarly included in travel magazines among the best beaches in Greece and in the world. Click the next ARROW to see the next image! Troia beach, Portugal The Troia Peninsula is a long, narrow and very low lying...

The 10 Best Beaches In Bali For 2019

Bali is the most well-known travel place in Indonesia and has one of the best beaches in the world. Here is our list of 10 best beaches just for you!

40 Best Things to Do in New York City ♥

New York City is most fascinating city in the Word. Here's a video New York Travel Guide of Top Attractions and 40 Best Things to Do in NYC in USA.

Latest News: At least 65 Dead in Athens WildFire as Greece is in 3-Day Mourning (Video)

Less than 24 hours after wildfires burned acres of pine trees forest and 100s of properties in Athens, Greece, the number of confirmed victims has risen to 65

Death Toll: At Least 50 Dead in Athens Wildfire

The total number of dead in the destructive fires in East Attica has risen to 50, as Red Cross rescuers discovered 26 burned bodies on Tuesday morning...

Top 10 Most Amazing Road Trips in the USA

A road trip is always an unforgettable experience and there isn't a better place than America. Pack your bags and get ready for the road trip of your life!

An American Airlines Plane jet was forced to make an Emergency Landing after a hailstorm cracked its Windows

An American Airlines Plane jet was forced to divert to El Paso, Texas after sustaining a cracked windshield while flying through a hailstorm.

12 Amazing Hot Springs Around The World

Renowned for their various healing treatments as well as for promoting relaxation and detoxification, these 12 amazing hot springs are definitely worth visiting.

The 10 Most Stunning Beaches In Amalfi Coast

If you are looking for the best beaches in Italy, you will discover them along the Amalfi Coast. Here are the 10 most stunning beaches in Amalfi Coast.

The 10 Most Stunning Natural Wonders Of Italy

Italy has a uniquely wonderful landscape and terrain, from magnificent mountains to white sandy beaches and crystal clear water. These are the 10 most astonishing Italian natural wonders!

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